Just a little about us:
We are an auction company that cares about what best serves
your needs. Not everyone has the same needs, likes, and

We always keep in mind what we think or believe doesn't
really matter at times. It is what the seller wants that is our
job to fulfill.

We strive for you to have as pleasant and rewarding of an
experience with your auction as possible. We never forget
that this can be a trying time for you and we do our best to
alleviate any of your discomfort or concerns.

We have been in this business for over 25 years and we
believe that the marketing of your sale is of the utmost

Our experienced staff are both knowledgeable and friendly.
We pride ourselves in working hard for you.

If you will explore our various photo pages on our site, you
will see that we work hard to make your sale special.
don't just "sell it where it is or where it sits".

We specialize also in on site auctions that often can be
completed in 5-7 days.

Again, we pride ourselves in working hard for you!
We are licensed by the State of Missouri and do auctions in
St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Jefferson County, Franklin
County,  St. Charles County, St. Peters, and all over

References available upon request!
How may we serve your auction needs?

Consultations are free!
You can find out information about our auctions by calling:

314-960-8415 (auctioneer's cell)
314-768-0752 (auctioneer)

for information purposes only:
314-607-4318   or   314-645-3033

if area code (314) is long distance for you then you may
leave a message for the auctioneer at:
Welcome to
Campbell's Auction Service
Jason Campbell, auctioneer
Most importantly, we take the trust that you place in us
very seriously!